What is this card? Can I buy groceries with it?

First, take note: If you use it, you will probably save much more than the face value of the card.

That said, it is not a debit card in the conventional sense. You cannot buy groceries directly with it.

What we do is help you discover little known and/or deliberately hidden and/or under-used ways of saving money on things you already spend money on.

In some cases, you’ll get groceries free, in other cases, you can “stack” savings together, which multiplies the percentage you save.

Example: Say you buy a can of coffee, which is normally $7.99.

First you apply a manufacturer’s coupon for $2 off (now $5.99, saving 25%).

Then you apply a store coupon for Buy One Get One free ($5.99 for 2 cans of coffee, so you only pay $5.99 for $15.98 worth of coffee (saving 62.5%!))

Lastly, you use our Gift Card section that saves you 15% when you bought it, knowing you’d use it for sure, which multiplies the savings.

In the end, you spent $5.09 for $15.98 worth of coffee – saving 68.15%.

This is just one example, and not even the best, where our system has saved people as much as 90%!

If you slash your overall grocery bill, with no change to what you buy, by 50%, what’s that worth in a year? Nationally the average is $11,200 per year on groceries, household care and cleaning – so on average, you may well save $5500 in a single year.

Now imagine saving on dining out, travel, gift cards, and more – that’s what we do.



Note: The value on the front of any card you may have received is a suggested minimum savings. We’ve had numerous clients receive savings far in exceess the face value of the card.

People who do not use the system won’t save anything, and people who use it heavily will save more.