Where Do I Begin?

Start by clicking on HOME at the top of this page and reading everything thoroughly. Once you are finished enter The Grocery Savings Section to start saving.  You will learn how to save 35%-90% every week on your grocery bill… while still shopping at your same store, buying your same products… the only difference… pay a whole lot less! Enjoy the savings!

Is It Complicated?

Not at all… we recommend that you START SMALL.   Go to your current grocery store online at our Grocery Section and pick out 2 items that are on SALE, preferably a BOGO (Buy One Get One Free), then print out 2 coupons for each product.  Then go to your normal grocery store and purchase the 2 products on sale using 2 – 4 coupons. You will feel fantastic and you just saved close to 50 – 70%.  If your store doubles coupons you will feel even better. It is that simple.  Now go home and plan your attack on your grocery store… it is time to put your hard earned dollars back in your pocket where they belong. Enjoy the savings! 

How do I know my grocery store participates?

Our grocery savings program works at all 139,000 grocery stores nationwide including all the major discount stores (Walmart Target etc) and pharmacies!

How often are the grocery store circulars updated?

The grocery store circulars are updated on a weekly basis by the individual grocery stores.

My dog ate my password… how do I get it back

When you sign in there is a button for forgotten password.. click on it and follow the instructions to retrieve your password.

I need to change my account information… do I call you?

No.  Click on “My Account” and edit any information necessary.

Have Additional Questions?

Just Contact Us Here – we’ll be happy to help.