Our Top 10 Travel Savings Tips

  1. Airfare: The ideal time to book domestic airfare is 74 days before departure booked on a Tuesday night or Wednesday for a Wednesday or Saturday flight. Fridays and Sundays are usually most expensive. For international, there’s no single sweet spot, but earlier is better, and it’s influenced by fuel prices.
  2. When you are thinking of your next exotic vacation or weekend getaway check out Livingsocial.com or groupon.com for the city you’ll be visiting and you can often save 75%!
  3. How would you like to take a FREE cruise anywhere in the world?  Pull together a group of 15 or so cabins (different cruise lines have different minimums – some are as low as 8 cabins for one free passenger). They will give you a completely FREE cruise for 2 people.  Be creative… get people from work, family, friends, a Linkedin or Facebook group etc. and make it happen.
  4. A great website to find cheap hotel rooms is hotelstonight.com.  They have an easy to use iPhone and Droid application. They have amazing last minute deals at top rated hotels from tonight to seven days out. Some of these sites have a different slant – Hipmunk.com is a great flight search engine, VacationsToGo.com has the best cruise search engine (but not necessarily the best prices – so check before you book). Kayak.com is good for flights.
  5. Some timeshare presentations offer great incentives like a $150 Visa Check Card and a gourmet dinner.  You can walk away with $250 in gifts and food; not bad for an 1 hour investment.
  6. Don’t buy a timeshare as they cost an average of $15,000 before checking Bid4Assets.com (often as low as $1, because of the maintenance fees, these are let go in a bankruptcy) or eBay. The only good aspect about a timeshare is the benefit of getting the trade weeks through either RCI or Interval (the 2 major timeshare unused week re-sellers).
  7. You can save on airfares with hub flights. Passengers flying to or from airports that are dominated by a single carrier — like Memphis, Newark or Dallas/Fort Worth — pay fares 20 or 30 % higher than at non-hub airports. The prices are even more inflated when you’re flying from a smaller city with a limited number of flights. Read the rest of hub city travel in my book “Savings Secrets Exposed” available on our site.
  8. Fairfly.com takes your already booked flights and constantly checks them against their database to find you cheaper fares including the cancellation fee you incur.  Hey, you have nothing to lose right?
  9. Travelzoo’s Top 20 list is a hand-curated list of the top 20 travel bargains and worth checking if in the market.
  10. In some cities, AirBnB.com is much cheaper than hotels, in some cities, it’s more expensive depending on season. Example: New Orleans has a lot of hotel inventory outside Mardi Gras and thus bargains (AirBnB is actually higher many times). Miami has expensive hotels, and thus AirBnB is substantially cheaper. Las Vegas has very deep discounts mid-week on hotels due to slack inventory.


11. “Work the System” with travel incentives. For decades our company has been offering businesses promotional incentives that we wholesale to them and that provide both great value and broad appeal. These types of incentives motivate potential buyers.  Most incentives are almost impossible to redeem; in contrast ours is not.  We are making available to you as a member of our program 3 of the best travel certs (certificates) in the industry at no markup. For just our actual cost, our in-house distributor fee of only $19.95 you’ll get all 3 offers. This covers the order processing, shipping and handling to receive all 3 separate vacation certs that have a minimum value of $2,000.

3 Vacations Getaway Offer

Get these incredible travel incentives for just $24.95!

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1. Unused Timeshare Weeks

 Access over 3,000 RCI unsold or unused timeshare weeks available all over the world.  The properties are 2 to 5 star resorts.  You only pay the resort and maintenance fee of $39.99 per night ($279.93 total for the week 8 days 7 nights), for a studio, one or two bedroom unit  (based on availability). Each client sends in a $100 fully refundable deposit via check or credit card to receive a pin number to book their resort stay (minimum 14 days in advance). If you select a two bedroom, which sleeps 6 and if the additional two people are under 12 years of age, there is no additional cost. If they are between 12-18 there is an additional $75.00 per person, over 18, it’s $100 per person for the week.  There is a website that you can use for researching the properties that lists amenities and availability making the entire process very easy.
Full Terms & Conditions Here.

2. Time Share ‘Loss Leaders’

 Travel  to 1 of 35 domestic locations for a 3-day, 2-night getaway for you and your family at 2 and 3 star properties.  You only pay room tax of $12 per night.  When booking customer service will ask you if you want to upgrade and/or stay longer etc. in exchange for a time share presentation.  You are not obligated to take a tour but it makes sense to invest roughly 1 hour to receive great upgrades heck you might even negotiate for free tickets to a local attraction along with the accommodation upgrades….  Full Terms & Conditions Here.

Grand Celebration

3. Caribbean Cruise just $59/pp!

2-night Caribbean cruise to the Bahamas.  You only pay the port fees and taxes of $59.00 per person. The cruise includes your cabin, meals and entertainment. The ship sails from Palm Beach Florida to the Bahamas aboard Holiday Cruise Lines on the Grand Celebration. It is a 47.000 ton ship that accommodates 1,900 passengers. You will be offered a supplement to stay overnight for 2 or 4 days in the Bahamas at an upscale resort. A word of caution… the customer service agents will try to up sell you on a higher fare based cabin and the 2 or 4 day Bahama supplement.  They might even be abrupt but don’t worry.  The reviews on the food and cruise ship staff have been excellent.  Full Terms & Conditions Here.

These travel certs include 3 separate vacations at a fraction of their retail value. The 3 vacations certs are free. You only pay a one time $24.95 processing and handling fee for the 3 certs.

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