1. When you are thinking of your next exotic vacation or weekend getaway check out www.Livingsocial.com.  Up to 75% in savings which is right up my alley.
  2. How would you like to take a FREE cruise anywhere in the world?  Yep you can do it. Pull together a group of 15 or so cabins (different cruise lines have different minimums). They will give you a completely FREE cruise for 2 people.  Be creative… get people from work, family, friends, a Linkedin or Facebook group etc. and make it happen.
  3. A great website to find cheap hotel rooms is hotelstonight.com.  They have a easy to use iPhone and Droid application. They have amazing last minute deals at top rated hotels from tonight to seven days out.
  4. Some timeshare presentations offer great incentives.  The last time I took one I got $150 Visa Check Card and a gourmet dinner with my sweetheart that would have cost over $100.  So I got $250 in gifts and food not bad for a 1 hour investment.
  5. Don’t buy a timeshare, enroll in a Travel Club instead.  Most timeshares start at $15,000 whereas most travel clubs cost around $5,000.  The travel clubs give you the same access to RCI or Interval extensive pool of Timeshare rentals.
  6. You can save on airfares with hub flights. Passengers flying to or from airports that are dominated by a single carrier — like Memphis, Newark or Dallas/Fort Worth — pay fares 20 or 30 % higher than at non-hub airports. The prices are even more inflated when you’re flying from a smaller city with a limited number of flights. A nonstop one-way ticket from Des Moines to Dallas/Fort Worth is $375 on American Airlines, for example — more than the $335 Delta will charge you to fly from Miami to Anchorage.  But what happens when you’re interested in flying American from Des Moines to Los Angeles, which hosts a more competitive airport? That flight is only about half the price ($186), despite its being more than double the distance. Now, here’s the trick: American flights from Des Moines to L.A. have a layover in Dallas. If you want to travel to Dallas, the best way to get a reasonable fare is to book the flight to Los Angeles instead, and simply get off the plane at Dallas.
  1. Here is a new application that gives back.  Fairfly.com takes your already booked flights and constantly checks them against their database to find you cheaper fares including the cancellation fee you incur.  Hey, you have nothing to loose right?