The Ultimate ISO Low Cost, High Yield Value Sales & Marketing Incentive!

Generate online and offline sales leads for ONLY $1.25 each 

This System Is The Perfect Lead Magnet for: 

  • Increasing Agent Appointments With Merchants by 20% to 50%
  • Increasing Merchant Appointment Show Up Rates
  • Increasing Value and Stick Rate For ISO Merchant Membership Programs
  • Increasing Landing Page Opt-Ins For Your Online Merchant Marketing Campaigns

Increase your sales by 20% to 50%

This System Is The Perfect Sales Incentive For: 

  • Increasing Merchant Services Closes by 20% to 50%
  • Your Agents To Close the Merchant Services Sale/Reprograms
  • Your Merchants Will See The Value In The Platinum Program And Want It  For Their VIP, Rewards Program Or To Close On Their Products. As A Result, Your Agents Can Offer Our Incentive Program To Them And Your ISO Will Earn Top Residuals
  • Agent Closing Gifts For Upsells; P.O.S Systems, etc
  • New Merchant Prospect Referrals

The Platinum Savings Fulfillment Website Provides Extensive Discounts For Your Merchant’s Business & Home


    • Access to 3,000 – 4,000 savings deals daily
    • Good at over 139,000 locations including Walmart and Target
    • 50 state deal locator for single, double, and saving deals
  • RESTAURANTS – Save Up To 90%!
    • At Over 90,000 Restaurants
    • Free food offers including 101 Restaurants where Kids Eat Free
    • Savings database including Senior Discounts, Freebies & more
  • GIFT CARDS – Save Up To 36%!
    • Over 200 Daily Gift Cards from major national brands such as Staples, Office Depot, Exxon Mobil Gas, Olive Garden, Macy’s, Walmart, Ruth Chris’ Steakhouse, etc. with savings from up to 36% off face value – and these can even be used in combination with other savings methods.
    • Sells on Amazon for $19.95 – 120+ pages of savings secrets and tips that saves your students & clients thousands of dollars per year so they have more free cash to invest in your offers.
  • TRAVEL – Save Up To 90%!
    • Comprehensive and detailed travel savings resources for deep discount travel savings
    • Automatic alerts for lower fare rebooking
    • Optional 3 Vacation Package includes…
      • Bahamas cruise for just $59/pp
      • 8 day 7 night resort getaway from $279 with over 3,000 properties worldwide to choose from.
      • Timeshare 3-day 2 night getaways
  • LEGAL (Optional)
    • Save over 40% on legal services through our nationwide legal network through our 22,000 attorney nationwide network.
    • Small Business and/or Family plans to access over 300 of the most common Legal Documents you can customize
    • Several of the business plan benefits include unlimited free initial consultations on new matters, 40 collection letters per year sent free, resident agent service in all 50 states and more, .
  • MEDICAL (Optional)
    • Discount prescription card – Save up to 65% on medications.
    • National Tele-Medicine Program 24/7 – Consult with a physician and get immediate prescriptions via any smartphone, laptop, or computer with a webcam for over 60 common medical needs such as cold & flu, bronchitis, allergies, skin / dermatology needs i.e. poison ivy, pediatric needs for children, pinkeye, urinary tract infections, sinus problems and many many more.
    • Valid for you, your spouse and all children in your household.
    • 42% Savings on Fedex shipping
    • 30 Hours of Free Virtual Assistant Services
    • Pro Desk Pricing at All Home Depots in the USA
    • All orders matched with equal donation to military families
    • Customer support provided by supplier M-F at no cost to you

Optional Family & Business Legal Plans

Legal Club

Optional Wellness Plan


Platinum Savings Card Program Options

  1. Custom Branded Fulfillment Website with your logo & artwork
  2. Choice of Deliverables – choose any mix of 30 mil plastic cards (same quality, look, and feel as a credit card) for offline use and/or e-Cards for instant online delivery. e-Cards allow for bulk CSV excel sheet upload or one at a time via the easy control panel.

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 Save Up to 90% at Over
90,000 Restaurants!

Grocery Savingsrestaurants

Save up to 36% on Over 200 Gift Cards!


Save up to 90% on Travel!