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Recurring Monthly Revenue From Ads Like This!

  • Advertiser Recommended Wifi Ad size 300x 250 positioned as seen above
  • Advertiser Recommended WiFi Ad sizes Leader board 728 x 90  Positioned at the top and bottom of the webpage
  • Advertiser please contact us for more information (702) 371-2345
  • 5 x 6 Co-op promotional Wifi Window decals available to promote the area  
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For more information about our local wifi hot spots or co-op advertising services contact us today.

Smart Wifi For Smart Phones. Connect with your mobile users today
About Our Business WiFi Ad Network

We work hard for your business to connect with thousands of local mobile shoppers daily

WiFi Hotspots
Provide a Wifi Management Dashboard – Simple to install hardware
Local Wifi Promotions
Promote immediate promotions and offers to customers near you locations
Standard Web Ad Formats
Simple  easy to place existing promotional ads or videos sizes for wifi ad network
Advance Tools & Analytics
Monitor, track, email and manage marketing campaigns and more
WiFi Performance Marketing That Drives Immediate
Mobile Customers, Phone Calls & Walk-in Traffic
Platinum Wifi offers a Hyper local WiFi advertising & promotions for local business.   Local mobile customers expect your business to provide free wifi in exchange to provide mobile user with value by offering real time discounts and promotions in exchange for your free wifi services.
 Platinum offers a local wifi ad network to help local businesses reach more than 85% of the wifi  buyers in the area. 
We provide the largest wifi network of wifi buyers in you local area.  Our plan is simple, we are currently in thousands of places in United States.  If you like an advertiser you can promote locally or tell us where YOU want to be placed. (COMING SOON: Costa Rica, Africa, South America, Mexico And Canada)

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